Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks

Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks

The Scythgames team symbolically celebrated the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

Both boys and girls decided to try their hand at dexterity, endurance and accuracy.
2 hours of playing paintball proved that we are not only cool 3D artists who spend a lot of time at computers, but also fans of active recreation. Each team showed its strengths: we have skilled runners (who skillfully dodged multi-colored bullets) and accurate snipers (who occupied the most advantageous positions). As always - the team spirit won and everyone hurried to catering: to quench thirst and hunger and to discuss the brightest moments of the battle, to share emotions and impressions.

It was a wonderful charge of vigor, energy and enthusiasm for all of us. From now there are even legends that the second paintball battle is coming..