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Scythgames is a Ukrainian outsourcing company that professionally develops the game industry content. The project, founded in 2013, develops quickly and has successfully conquered the Ukrainian and European market. The progress made so far has revolved primarily around the cooperation with the leading companies in computer games sphere. Today Scythgames is proud of tacking part in a number of projects that were effectively realized and presented to the wide public. Our clients appreciate high accomplishments of the company that are achieved by efforts made by a coordinated work of a professional team – graphic designers who create characters, vehicles, weapons, buildings, environment and interiors (high and low polygonal models, their texturing and so on). Creative and highly motivated stuff studies quickly and does a job with great responsibility. The work on every project presupposes the creation of a certain scheme of operations, which helps to work out and detail the algorithm of actions applied when putting into practice the ideas of a customer. The company is guided by the rule that states: what the client wants, the client gets. If you are looking for people who will create the graphics of the best quality for your computer game, be sure, you have undoubtedly come to the right place. 

Our specialists offer such services:

•       High polygonal modelling (based on the concept or reference)

•       Low polygonal modelling (retopology), or the creation of model on the basis of a concept or reference

•       Low polygonal optimization (LOD creation)

•       UV mapping or the editing of one that already exists

•       Texture creation

•       The exportation and testing of all the models in a client’s engine

The collaboration with our company enables you to get the best possible result in short terms and at a reasonable price. We are ready to make your ideas a reality.

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