Our first, free game, without ads

Our first, free game, without ads

Memoria: The Memory Game:

Who said a phone is bad for kids?!

We created our first free ad-free game!


Memoria is the perfect game to improve your children's memory. Memoria is not only interesting but also very useful. The application is suitable for children from the age of 4 and allows you to hone your memory and cognitive skills by playing fun and developing memory games.


Game features:

* Simple and intuitive interface for children

* The game is absolutely free and without built-in purchases

* 2 modes to choose from: "Find a pair" or "Find a card"

* To make it more interesting for the child to play - it is possible to choose the categories of cards: "Animals", "Numbers" or "Letters" over time we intend to expand the choice of categories

* Gradual increase in difficulty: after the child finds it easier to find the right cards - the number of cards becomes larger


If you have any feedback or suggestions for further improvement or need help - email us at Memoria_helpdesk@scythgames.com. We look forward to hearing from you as we strive to regularly update our apps and games with new features.